Abhyudaya Dhubri: Tech driven project to improve learning outcomes of students

Abhyudaya Dhubri Project by District Administration of Dhubri, in collaboration with Eckovation,  is fostering an environment in Public Schools of the District in Lower Assam that encourages active student and teachers participation while building conceptual understanding through animated and interactive video lectures.

How Abhyudaya Dhubri improves learning outcomes of students using Eckovation Platform?

The learning process used in the Abhyidaya involves audio-visual classrooms having animated and contextualised lectures followed by daily assessments.  The first interaction with the students happens in the classroom, where they watch the videos screen casted on the television. The videos are kept super interactive (which is done by Eckovation’s technology of inserting interesting questions during the video at specific contextual points) which ensures a good level attentiveness from the students.

Only teaching a concept to the students doesn’t ensure that she has understood the concept well. The second important part of the model is assessment. The performance of students in the daily assessments gives the true parameter for evaluation of conceptual understanding. Based on the performance in daily assessments, students are given feedback on how to improve their weaknesses. This Adaptive Learning technique is based on Artificial Intelligence Technology.

The third part of the model is Doubt Discussions. If the students face any doubt at any point of preparation, she can discuss her doubts with a team of experts on Eckovation Platform.


Implementation of Abhyudaya Dhubri

With the support and guidance from Mr. Anant Lal Gyani, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Dhubri,  we decided to include only 10 schools in the pilot phase, namely Satrasal HS Vidyapeeth and Kachakhana HS School of Agomoni Education Block, Dhepdhepi HS School of Golakganj Education Block, PC Institute, Government Boys HS School, Government Girls HS School  of Gauripur Education Block, Bangalipara ME Madrasa, Borkanda People’s Academy, Raniganj HS School of Bilasipara Education Block and Chapar HS School of Chapar Education Block. The Pilot Phase in these schools are spectacular for learning the challenges in the implementation of the model.

The Baseline Assessment has been conducted in these schools and the report suggests that students of 8th grade in the district are struggling with basic Arithmetic Operations and Language skills. Based on the analysis of Baseline Assessment Report, the focus will be given to the improve the conceptual understanding of the students.

This unique model provides a single platform to all the stakeholders involved in the execution of the  initiative; all the schools, education department, District Administration and Eckovation Team. This will ensure 100% transparency and accountability in the education system of the district. The problems faced in implementation are directly communicated to the every tier of administration. The monitoring of daily performance and attendance of students is accessible to all.

All the 10 pilot schools have started Abhyudaya Classes. The teachers are finding the project very helpful in terms of explaining complex concepts to students using info-graphics. And students seem to be very excited about this new methodology of learning.




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