Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha launches StartUp Course on Eckovation Platform

Startup Course

Honorable Minister Jayant Sinha, Chief Guest of this year’s IIT Delhi Alumni Day, inaugurated Entrepreneurship Course on Eckovation Platform during the event, which took place yesterday. This comes in line with Startup India campaign which seeks to boost entrepreneurship in India.

This course, which was the need of the hour, brings in top IIT educators from The Entrepreneurship School (TES) in partnership with IIT Delhi Alumni Association (IITD-AA) so as to benefit thousands of IIT Alumni who are looking to start their own ventures.


This initiative will help to address the high failure rate among startups in India (currently over 98%) by guiding the budding entrepreneurs through a structured process of learning so that they don’t make the same mistakes which previous entrepreneurs committed. From formulation of business plan to finding the product market fit following a lean startup philosophy, everything will be covered in the course.



Eckovation, started by IIT Delhi Alumni Mr. Ritesh Singh and Mr. Akshat Goel, is currently India’s fastest growing social learning platform and one stop destination for quality learning. It currently has 1000+ educators, 5000+ learning groups and 700000+ learners, and growing exponentially.


Eckovation has been chosen for this initiative because of its adaptive learning features which also integrates multitude of options including Videos, Quizzes, Assignments etc. within the platform itself, thereby providing a much superior learning experience.



Although access to the course was initially planned only for IIT Alumni, however, sensing that entrepreneurial spirit is present throughout the youth of this nation, it has been made open to all participants.


The course ensures the learning of:

  • All about Start-Up Culture starting from Getting Good Startup Ideas to Financial Management
  • How to Develop Designing Winning Products and Services Important skills like Startup Strategies, Business Model for Startups and Selling Skills
  • Building a Winning Team, Managing Startup Operations and Startup Laws
  • Also, opportunity to participate in IIT Delhi, TES Eckovation Startup Festival



To join the program, you can visit Eckovation’s StartUp Course Page, in which you’ll find listing of Startup Course. If you register early, you can also avail 50% discount given by #IITDAA to first 500 participants, Promo Code – IITDELHI050.




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