Digital Reformation of Education with Increase in Rural Mobile Internet Users in India

Digital Reformation in India has ensured the reach of Mobile Internet to almost all the household of the Nation, including the rural population. Education is one sector which is getting great opportunities of capitalizing on this infrastructure. The case study of Unnayan Banka Project of Eckovation is one of the strong proof of that. The project, through mobile internet ensured quality education in an aspirational district, Banka, Bihar. Unnayan project has started the campaign ‘Mera Mobile, Mera Vidyalaya’ (My Mobile, My School).

Mosami Rani is a student of Class XI. In her 10th class, she was enrolled in a government school which was around 6 km from her house. In the middle of the academic year, she meet with an accident and from then she was not able to come to the school for couple of months. Even after that, she was able to perform well in the board exam. How has that happened?

Even after the accident, she was learning and interacting with educators. Not by physical presence but on mobile learning platform, Eckovation. She was the member of Class X of Unnayan Program of Banka and through the learning group, she completed the entire syllabus with practice tests and scored great marks in board exams. Don’t you think, this is giving a great way to ensure quality education for all!

Mobile Internet has changed a lot of things for urban population. Average user of Mobile internet is spending around 70-90 mins on mobile phone. The engagement of these users are for entertainment, information, social networking and for learning as well. Now with cheaper internet data packs, the penetration of mobile internet is reaching to rural India as well and ensuring more impact than that of urban population.

Mobile Internet, More Impact on Rural Population than Urban

Growth of mobile internet users in India was exceptional and it has exceeded the predicted numbers by TRAI and other experts. The exponential growth in user has happened due to the availability of fast internet connection in relatively cheaper rate. One of the other important factor is availability of cost effective smart mobile phone which are running in Indian Market.

Growth of Mobile Internet Users in Urban and Rural India
Growth of Mobile Internet Users in Urban and Rural India

Rate of Growth of Mobile internet Users in Urban and Rural India

The rapid growth in numbers of mobile internet users in India is clearly highlighted in the below graphical representation. The rate of growth of mobile users in rural areas is outnumbering that in the urban areas. With the increase in the number of mobile users in rural India, the digital divide is bridging and technology can now easily cater to even the remotest areas of the country.

Rate of growth of Mobile Internet Users in Urban and Rural india
 Rate of growth of Mobile Internet Users in Urban and Rural India

Highlights of Major Potential Areas and Impact Story

The biggest impact of this revolution is seen in the way the geographical locations is no more a barrier in connecting to over two-third’s of India’s population residing in rural areas. With growing use of internet in rural areas many development related bottlenecks can be resolved. One such region which requires urgent focus is “Accessibility of Quality Education.”

Digital Reformation of Education

Accessibility to Education, however cherished a goal for our society, remains out of reach for a large proportion of the population. Mobile based leaning platforms like Eckovation will surely help improve efficiencies and in general expand the reach and it’s affordability. The mobile based learning groups created on Eckovation Platform with all the content, assessment and monitoring process and discussions with teachers on the learning group itself. This will bring the accessibility of education to the palms of the students: Introducing the concept of Mera Mobile, Mera Vidyalaya.



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