Eckovation: a revolutionary change in the whole arena of Education Sector

The progress of any nation depends on the system of education adopted by it to groom the next generation. With the proliferation of mobile technologies in all walks of life, it is the need of the hour for India to remodel and upgrade the current education delivery system. Though there are many long-term plans that are in various stages of implementation, the immediate goal should be to reach huge masses with limited investment. Nothing but mobile devices can help in the quick conceptualization of smart education systems. This can be mainly attributed to the fact that India has the second largest mobile phone user subscription base in the world, with over 900 million mobile phone users. Mobile devices have good penetration even in rural areas where other infrastructure does not exist. This growing ubiquity of mobile phones, the widespread availability and adoption of mobile broadband technology and market penetration of low-cost smartphones also hold key promises for the use of mobile technologies for education delivery in India.
The level of education is the most important parameter of development of any country as it showcases the quality of the future generations who will be the carriers of the aspirations and dreams of the entire nation. Smartphone use is India has shown an exponential increase in the past year which can be churned towards the education sector. Brilliant untapped possibilities and ideas can be unraveled via the smartphone with newer concepts and technologies for the betterment of the standards of education in our country where the majority still lives in the rural areas.
On analysis it has been seen that parents in rural areas many a times discontinue the education of their girl child because of the distances she has to travel each day to attend school. This is one of the key problems which we are facing today of inaccessible education in the rural areas. This can be solved by the penetration and effective usage of the smartphone applications where we can send study materials to the remotest corner of the country via different mobile applications.The idea is to bring quality education to each and every household across India through the mobile platform cutting across all forms of difficulties and differences which these young budding children face in attaining quality education.
We at Eckovation are thus planning to create a platform where students, teachers, peers and parents would be connected on a secure platform and proper dissemination of knowledge and information would be carried out in the process touching the lives of students across the country through our application. Our product is the foremost try in the Indian market as we feel the plight of the students who fail to attain quality education and thus get trapped in the cycle of lack of education,poverty, crime and hence are unable to break free. Various online study materials would be uploaded on our platform which would be accessible by everyone. Our platform would be a confluence point of various ideas by all the stakeholders involved in the teaching and attainment of knowledge process. Exclusive groups for different schools can also be created where the whole school would stay connected to each other and hassle free communication and exchange of ideas would take place in the manner. We believe in the concept of collaborative education which involves the interplay of  all the stakeholders in an efficient manner.
We hope to bring about a tectonic shift in the standard of education in our country through the platform and hope to reach every nook and corner of India. It is our daily endeavor to bring about newer ideas and techniques to deliver our product in a better way so that we reach the places where we intend to. We are awaiting our product launch on the market on 15th June and slogging day in and out to make this novel cause,the ultimate dream a success so that we could contribute something to our country.
In the end I would like to sign off by a popular quote.
”Don’t ask what the country gave you, but ask what you gave to the country”.
Jai Hind.



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