Eckovation Courses: Invite your Friends and Earn Money

Thousands of professionals have taken up different types of courses and certificate programs on Eckovation which are adding great value to their engineering studies and professional work.  Career opportunities to such professionals are exponentially increasing after doing these skill development courses.

In just a few weeks, learners are becoming pro in subjects they are learning from courses and educators on Eckovation.

Very recently, we have launched a referral program on Eckovation. Now you can refer courses to your friends. They can save up to 25% of the course fee while you earn the same amount as well.

Steps to follow to refer the program:

Take an example of Basic Programming Course (Group: 382195). There are 4 paid course:


Referral Program of Eckovation: Find Your Referral Code and Share with your Friends


*If you are not able to see the wallet in side menu then please update your app.


How to utilize Wallet Money?

There are two ways you can use wallet money received by inviting your friends:

i) Use it to buy any of the paid course on Eckovation Platform

ii) Encash it directly to your bank account or Paytm account



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