Eckovation is unique and completely different from whats app!!

It has been ten days since the launch of Eckovation and  there are a lot of comparisons being done between whats app and our platform by people. We would like to state the various ways in which we are completely different and unique from whats app.
1: Unlike whats app where in a group a message can be read by anyone and no one way interaction can be held our approach is different. Even those messages which other members in the group might not be interested in is compulsorily made to be seen by them. We give the freedom to the users to interact in an one way or two way communication whatever way they may wish to. This takes out the unwanted messages which often leads to a waste of time. Constant bickering messages on the group creates a nuisance leading to group members exiting the group.
2: Numbers are completely kept private on our platform. Unlike whats app where in a group anybody can access your number we chose to be different. We respect people’s privacy and thus devised our application such that nobody on the group could access our number. Numbers are kept private and hence is out of the view of the members in the group.
3: We felt that the method of collecting numbers of the people whom one may wish to get on board on the group is quite cumbersome and a waste of time. This was the moment where we came up with the idea of a group code. These group codes are unique codes for every group wherein the code can be easily shared with whomsoever we may like to get on board the group. This is an efficient and easy process and through one group code innumerable entries can join the group.
difficulty (1)
4: We don’t have a restriction on the number of people getting on board the group. The group can be as small as two members or as big as the members may wish. In simpler worlds unlike whats app we don’t limit thee size of the group. This enhances the communication and collaboration between the students and teachers where everybody can be on board and everybody is aware.

No Limits Sign --- Image by © Image Source/Corbis

5: On our platform the number of reads can easily be accessed unlike whats app.
accounting of number of reads
6: Eckovation is basically an education oriented application unlike whats app which basically a platform to talk with others without the hassle of incurring messaging costs. Thus it is a broad and vague platform where the point of discussion is not unique. We created this platform so that teachers, parents and students can stay connected with each other after the class hours. Our features have been designed to make this process efficient and easy. It is an application which would be controlled by the stakeholders of education and they are our main users.
7: Our aim has been to make the platform secure which is not as much in whats app. We respect the wish of teachers and parents who may not want their contact numbers to be easily accessible.
We hope the above points would help the people clarify their doubts regarding the ways in which we are different than whats app. Its an application for the enhancement of communication between different stakeholders of education. This has been our main theme. Thus our punchline : CONNECT AND LEARN :



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