Eckovation Providing Quality Public School Education in remote areas by leveraging technology

Eckovation is India’s fastest growing Social Learning Platform, connecting students across the nation with quality educators, with 700,000+ Learners and 10,000+ Educators with PAN India reach and is growing by the day.

With vision of educating the nation by connecting learners to the teachers in the country, Eckovation looks forward to provide the accessible, inclusive and quality education with the vision, ‘No Child is Left Behind’.

The platform is opening the doors of education for many first generation learners from families having limited access to electricity and schools, but are connected through mobile internet. The students are not only availing quality school education but also learning higher vocational skills like designing websites, making remote controlled bots and preparing for various competitive exams. 

A Student preparing for Board Exams from the Mobile based Platform – Eckovation

Unnayan Banka Initiative

Banka is an LWE affected district in southeastern Bihar, India with majority tribal population and dismal literacy rate of 60.12% as compared to the national average of 74.04%. The poor socio-economic conditions of the people and geographical remoteness of the region have led to dearth of quality education in the district.

The Unnayan Banka Initiative was launched to improve the reach and quality of education to the students through integration of technology with a focus on ensuring continuous monitoring and accountability in the system. The approach is towards institutional building and ensuring sustainability through capacity building of teachers and  administration. Under this initiative, Mobile Technology and ICT is applied to create an education ecosystem which enables teachers to be effective, improve the quality of course delivery and brings about efficiency through established monitoring and evaluation framework.

Students attending Unnayan Session in the PGHS, Kharhara, Banka District

Furthermore, the Eckovation platform facilitates AI based performance analysis of each and every student. The daily attendance and performance of students are uploaded on the Eckovation Platform to obtain overall performance analysis of students along with generation of report-card of each student. There are separate performance monitoring groups which bring the teachers, administrators and Eckovation support team on a single platform to discuss, evaluate and continually improve the education delivery scheme. This ensures that the students remain the ultimate beneficiary of the system and teachers are accorded due responsibility and accountability for their performance.

The initiative was initially started in only five schools of Banka, where basic infrastructure including computer lab and TV was available. The Pilot Phase in these five schools were spectacular for learning the benefits and challenges involved in the implementation of the model. These five schools became the basis to expand the project and currently include 40 schools in the district, Belhar Block Office and TV installed mobile van where 3700+ students are preparing for Class 10 Bihar Board Examination.

The project is going strong, riding on the enthusiasm of the students and their teachers.

Looking forward to ensuring inclusive and accessible Quality Education to all the students.



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