Eckovation shaping India’s future

Eckovation lives a dream of providing low cost easily accessible quality education in the remotest regions of the country. This education bridges the gap between education and employability. The students are not only availing quality school education but also learning higher vocational skills like designing websites, making remote controlled bots, Data Analytics, Programming etc and preparing for various competitive exams.

The key activities of the organisation includes:

  1. Providing Quality Public School Education in remote areas through use of technology
  2. Facilitating training for government school teachers
  3. Technical Skills Development Camps in remote areas
  4. Preparing students for the competitive exams

Quality Education in remote areas of the country

Eckovation is opening the doors of education for many first generation learners from families having limited access to electricity and schools, but are connected through mobile internet. The Unnayan Banka Project by Eckovation in collaboration with district Administration of Banka is ensuring implementation of e-learning technology in 75 schools of the district with  focus on daily performance analysis of students. The project has impacted the life of more than 15,000 students. The project is now being emulated by various states.

The learning among students is enriched by interactive and innovative short video lectures followed by a daily quiz. This has created interest among students and provided motivation to attend school regularly. Further, there are Video Lectures and Assessment for all the subjects in the modules thereby supplementing the unavailability of particular subject teachers. The mobile based learning groups have been created on the platform with all the content, assessment and monitoring process and discussions with teachers on the learning group itself. This has brought the accessibility of education to the palms of the students.

Taking due note of the students residing in interior clusters of the district where they do not have access to mobile or schools, an innovative solution was devised, Mobile School Van. Essentially a school on wheels,  this van has been installed with a television screen and provides video lectures to the students while going around the remote areas, ensuring no child is left behind.

Facilitating Teacher Professional Development Program

Eckovation is facilitating  project in collaboration with Government of Meghalaya, India and IPE Global for holistic assessment of education reform process and measures needed to improve the education sector in the state. As part of this project, the  Teacher Training Provider (TTP) is expected to impart professional development programs for the in-service training and development of Secondary ; Higher Secondary (SHS) teachers, head teachers/principals. The project aims to develop professional acumen to demonstrate their professional and educational responsibilities in the context of the Meghalaya Education System.

Eckovation has trained 480 teachers to this date by developing professional learning communities and Teacher Training Management Portal to ensure transparency in 2 districts of the state.


Reach of advanced technical courses to the last mile

The Eckovation platform provides a range of courses in the domain  of Engineering. Students get access to low-cost best coaching in their palms for the high demanding professional skills in the industry today.

Realising the need of skill training to ensure white-collared high paid jobs for these students, Advanced Skill Development Program (Bootcamp Session) was started. Today, students are learning higher software technical skills like designing websites, programming skills, android development, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things.


Employability focussed training

Only 15 per cent of engineering graduates in India are employable owing to the gap in the academic curriculum with the industry’s requirements, both in product manufacturing and services sectors. The skill sets required is rapidly changing, IT now requires higher levels of leading-edge skills like cloud analytics, robotics, process automation, and so on, and engineering graduates of the day do not always come qualified.

More than 2,50,000 Engineering Students are  gaining industrial experience and learning advanced industrial skills on Eckovation Platform like Machine Learning, Block Chain, Python Programming Language, Android App Development, Website Development, Matlab, Big Data Hadoop and many more. In addition to these professional courses, we augment the multi-faceted theoretical knowledge with live projects, workshops and internships to match with rapid changes in the industry and innovation in manufacturing.

Developments in artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotech and more are changing the skills needed to keep up in an ever-evolving employment landscape. The objective of Eckovation is to bring together industry leaders and engineering graduates to create employment opportunities for job seekers. The advanced industry skills provided by Eckovation are in tune with the way employees are screened and hired, followed by resume and interview preparation.

With the help of these industrial skills development session, students, majorly from non-metropolitan cities, have performed exemplary. The average placement package of our alumni is 6-7 lpa with more than 1000 students placed in top companies like Google, Facebook, Bosch, Freescale, Qualcomm etc. Many Eckovation alumni have gained expertise in Android Development and Web Development and have developed around 5000 professional websites and  3500 android apps.

Competitive Exams Preparation

In India, career is one very important issue that gives both children and their parents many a sleepless nights. What career to choose, how to get to the best institution ensuring a bright future in the chosen career and finally how to prepare oneself for the entrance exams are few questions that create a storm in the minds of the candidates.

Here is a small attempt on Eckovation’s part to give the students best coaching at very low cost for the major entrance exams that are conducted in the country. Students don’t require to relocate themselves to education hubs like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc. to prepare for these competitive exams. They can prepare for the same and have personal training from highly qualified teachers through Eckovation Platform.

In this endeavour we would like to partner with like-minded organisations for furthering the cause of education and unemployment in India so that no youth is left behind. The collaboration seeks to enhance the employment opportunities for Indian students by ensuring easy accessibility of quality education and vocational training.



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