Education Startup received Prime Minister’s Excellence Award 2018 for Innovation

Indeed a moment to cherish for Team Unnayan Banka!


District Administration of Banka, Bihar has done a collaboration with Eckovation to start the project Unnayan Banka in 2017.  Within a span of one year, the project has achieved unprecedented success and on April 21st 2018, the initiative received the PM’s excellence Award for Innovation for 2018. 

The highly energetic and innovative Mr Kundan Kumar (IAS), DM Banka, Bihar received Prime Minister’s Excellence Award in Public Administration today for the Unnayan Banka Project in collaboration with Eckovation. The project aims at providing accessibility of Quality Education in government schools of the district by using Eckovation’s mobile based social learning platform and existing ICT infrastructure in the district. The focus of the Unnayan Banka Project is on ensuring continuous monitoring and accountability in the system with the aim of sustainable institutional building through capacity building of teachers and administration.

Model of Unnayan Banka Project | Mera Mobile, Mera Vidyalaya

Passing on knowledge to the students doesn’t ensure that they have understood the concept well. The convergence of social learning, AI based analysis and continuous assessment through the Eckovation platform gives accurate parameters for evaluation of conceptual understanding. Based on the performance in daily assessments, students are given feedback on how to improve their weaknesses. This Adaptive Learning technique is based on Artificial Intelligence Technology developed by Eckovation

Social learning is a key part of the Eckovation learning system which supports the student through the lifecycle of the subject with a medium to express doubts and questions to the teachers and the entire learning group. This can be done at any point of preparation, and  allows fulfillment of the educator gap the country faces today.

Summary of Unnayan Project: Watch the 2 min Video

Unnayan Banka: Top Innovation Story of Coffee Table Book released by Prime Minister’s Office

Unnayan Banka in Coffee Table Book released on Civil Services Day 2018
Unnayan Banka in Coffee Table Book released on Civil Services Day 2018
Unnayan Banka in Book of success story of NITI Ayog

AI based performance analysis and recommendation to students

Eckovation facilitates AI based performance analysis of each and every student. The daily attendance and performance of students are uploaded to obtain holistic data of student’s progress and performance. There are separate performance monitoring groups which bring the teachers, administrators and Eckovation support team on a single platform to discuss, evaluate and continually improve the education delivery schema. This ensures that the students remain the ultimate beneficiary of the system and teachers are accorded due responsibility and accountability for their performance.

The different elements of Unnayan Banka Model includes:

  1. Public School Education: More than 3700 students from 40 schools of the district, and students from remotes areas learning from TV installed mobile van are preparing for Class 10 Bihar Board Examination.
  2. Evening Classes for Class XII Students (Crash Course): Unnayan initiative includes evening classes for 283 students preparing for Class 12 Bihar Board Examination. Many of these students from economically constrained background and can’t afford high-paid private coaching available in Bhagalpur / Patna / Delhi /Kota.
  3. Advanced Technical Skills Training: Realising the need of skill training to ensure white-collared high paid jobs for these students, Advanced Skill Development Program (Bootcamp Session) was started under the Unnayan initiative. Today, students are learning higher software technical skills like designing websites, programming skills, android development, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things.
  4. Competitive Exam Preparation: Students prepare for highly competitive exams like SSC-CGL, Bank PO, UPSC, IIT JEE, NEET etc. on the Eckovation App.

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