Enabling The Rural Youth To Grasp The Perch

According to India Today States of the State Survey 2018, Jharkhand ranks 20 out of 21 states in terms of education. This is quite a fall from 2017’s ranking of 17. India has the largest youth population in the world belonging to the age bracket 5-24 which presents an opportunity for large scale development and advancement of the country. There has been an inflow of 1.75 billion US$ as FDI in the education sector from the years 2000-2018. Despite that, there is a huge demand-supply gap in the sector. The potential of the youth has been untapped largely due to the flailing education system of the country and improper use of the resources.

This has been a distressing cause of concern for the rural youth of India, as the deteriorating education system means that the knowledge being imparted in the government schools is substandard at best and fails to prepare the kids for the future. This leads to them ultimately having no education and being trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty and crime.


For the conscientious youth of urban India, this seems like a hard pill to swallow, and in the recent past, there have been many initiatives by the privileged urban youth to improve the situation of their rural counterparts.

One such initiative has been started by Eckovation with the help of Adani Foundation and District Administration to improve the quality of education in the Godda district of Jharkhand. The initiative has been in the form of a smart class project with aims to use technology to make studying easier and effective for the students. It has managed to bring about drastic improvements in the performance of the students as well as their attendance and has instilled a new found vigor in them.

One such example is a student named Sachin Kumar Pandey. Sachin lives in the Godda district of Jharkhand and recently gave his 10th board exams. He managed to ace them and was declared the school topper with 88.4% and above 90 in three subjects. Sachin comes from a poor household with no water supply, no toilet facilities, and with no personal mode of transport. His father is a priest at the local temple and doesn’t earn enough to be able to afford tuition or extra classes for his son. In his own words,” For his son, achieving this incredible feat would have not been possible if he were not a part of SUPER 100”. SUPER 100 is a resident school program where 100 selected students are made to stay in the premises and given extra classes to be fully prepared for their boards.


“I am extremely proud of my son for having achieved this feat and would like to give all the credit to the Gyanodaya smart class project started by Eckovation, Adani Foundation, and the District Administration. It was his privilege to be a part of the super 100 program due to which he was able to concentrate solely on his studies”, says his overjoyed father.

Eckovation has helped thousands of such students and plans to reach out to many others in the future. The endeavor is to ensure that the rural youth of India can avail the same opportunities as the urban youth and doesn’t get left behind.



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