Entrepreneurship: Start Up Certificate Course on Eckovation

entrepreneurship (ɒntrəprəˈnəːʃɪp/ noun): the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.
This is the point where things start from. In Start-Up Course of Eckovation, we here are focused to teach you the process of taking an idea to the hands of the users and this will be done by the practical knowledge of instructors, case studies, industrial experts know how and your practice of assignments.
The Challenging course is have 4 elements:
a. Video Lectures
b. Live Discussion
c. Assignment
d. Quizzes

What You Will Learn

Topic 1: What We Now Know

  • History of the Corporation
  • Startups Are Not Smaller Versions of Large Companies
  • Waterfall Development
  • Customer vs. Product Development
  • Entrepreneurial Education

Topic 2: Business Models and Customer Development

  • Value Proposition
  • Customer Segments
  • Revenue Streams
  • Key Resources
  • Customer Development Processes
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Market Opportunity Analysis

Topic 3: Value Proposition

  • Value Proposition and the Minimum Viable Product
  • Customer Archetype
  • MVP Physical & Web/Mobile
  • Common Mistakes With Value Proposition

Topic 4: Customer Segments

  • Product Market Fit
  • Rank and Day in the Life
  • Multiple Customer Segments
  • Market Types Introduction: Existing, Resegmented, New, Clone
  • Consequences of Not Understanding a Market

Topic 5: Channels

  • Distribution Channels Overview
  • Web Distribution
  • Physical Distribution
  • Direct Channel Fit
  • Indirect Channel Economics
  • OEM Channel Economics

Topic 6: Customer Relationships

  • Paid Demand Creation
  • Earned Demand Creation
  • Get Physical
  • Viral Loop
  • Web Customer Acquisition Costs

Topic 7: Revenue Models

  • How Do You Make Money
  • Revenue Streams and Price
  • Direct and Ancillary Models
  • Common Startup Mistakes
  • Market Types and Pricing
  • Single and Multiple Side Markets
  • Revenue First Companies
  • Market Size and Share

Topic 8: Partners

  • Partner Definition
  • Partner Resources
  • Partner Types
  • Greatest Strategic Alliance
  • Joint Business Development

Topic 9: Resources, Activities and Costs

  • Four Critical Resources
  • Financial Resources
  • Human Resources
  • Qualified Employees and Culture
  • Intellectual Property Overview

In between all the topics we will be having case studies which will ensure your practical knowledge of the topics we are covering.


Why Take This Course

You will learn the business skills it takes to bring your idea from conception to market. These include:

  • Knowing the know how of ecosystem of startup will help you a lot in understanding who things work in this space and what are the things you should prepare for to start or to work for such companies.
  • Actively listening and engaging your customers to find out what exactly they want in your product and how you should deliver it to them
  • Gathering, evaluating and using customer feedback to make your product, marketing, and business model stronger
  • Engaging your customers through the three phases of the customer relationship management lifecycle: get, keep, and grow
  • Identifying key resources, partners, activities, and distribution channels required to deliver your product to your customer
  • Calculating your direct and indirect costs for delivering your product

How to join the program

  • Download Eckovation App
  • Join Group Code: 627158
  • Complete your subscription from the quiz tab




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