FAQ for Engineering Counselling and admissions

Question: What is the difference between BE & B.Tech.?
Answer: Practically nothing. BE is bachelor of engineering & B.Tech. is bachelor of technology. In Maharashtra most of the universities have named the engineering course as BE while IIT’s & few Autonomous institutes like COE, Pune named it B.Tech.

Question: What is important, Branch or College?
Answer: if you are clear about branch selection then college selection becomes secondary but if you are not sure about which branch to select or confused between 2 or 3 branches or ready to take up any branch then do give preference for good college (Good college means good CET score is required). See section Branch Selection – College Selection or Branch Selection Tool & College Selection Tool.

Question: Are there any seats reserved for female candidates?
Answer: 30% seats are reserved in every branch of engineering except Mining Engineering.

Question: How to claim seats under management quota?
Answer: Well you sure can apply for one at any un-aided non-minority engineering college directly (no management quota in Government or Govt. aided Engg. Colleges). There are 20% seats available with such college management. See section Basic Rules for more information.
Question: What is an autonomous institute?

Answer: Autonomous institutes are designated few institutes which has been allotted complete autonomy for running the institutes like designing syllabus, conducting the examinations. We have following Autonomous institutes like College of Engineering, Pune, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, VJTI, Mumbai, Walchand College of Engg,, Sangli, UICT, Mumbai, SGGIE&T,Nanded. These institutes have proven track record for educational excellence so more competition to get into these colleges.

Question: Is it risky to get admission for engineering in the time of recession?
You have got 4 years to enter into Job Market. Hope for the better tomorrow and concentrate on excelling your engineering studies. See section Careers After BE & B.Tech. for variety of opportunities.

Q. What is the best strategy of choice filling?

Each choice of institute or branch must be such that you know completely what you are asking for.

Include only those choices in your list where you are really prepared to go if you get a seat allocated.

Maintaining strict order of preference is also very important. Assume that what you really want is at no. 17 in your list but you get choice no. 13. In the subsequent rounds, choice no. 1 to 12 only will be considered. Even if you get an opportunity to modify your choices later, what you wanted may not be available at that time.

Q. What documents will be signed by the parent(s) at time of Admission?

No documents are to be signed by parent(s).

Q. Are the displayed ranks of JEE (Main) 2014 the state ranks of the candidates of the home state or their All India Rank?

All displayed ranks are JEE (Main) 2014 All India Rank.

Q. What does Home state quota mean?

Home State quota means seats reserved for candidates of a particular state (state of eligibility is where the candidate passes qualifying exam).

Q. How are the seats in Home state quota allocated?

All seats under home state quota are allocated based on JEE(Main) 2014 All India rank.

Eligibility Requirement

Q. What is State of Eligibility?

It is the state from where the candidate has passed the qualifying examination ( 12th exam, for complete details refer to information brochure)

Q. NRI has qualified in CSAB 2014. What will be the state of eligibility?

The state of permanent address as given in the passport will be considered as the state of eligibility. At the time of reporting at the reporting center, he/ she will be required to produce Passport in original.

Q. Does the criteria for Home state include domicile by birth (or parents’ home state) other than the place of undergoing the Class XII exam?

No, it is the state from where the candidate has passed the qualifying examination.

Q. Can the candidate change wrong entry of his/her state of eligibility?

Yes, the candidate can change his/her State of Eligibility data to the correct State at the time of online registration as per his original documents.

Q. Remark ‘NOT PERMITTED TO FILLUP CHOICES ONLINE FOR COUNSELING’ is written on the Score Card. Can such candidate do online registration?

No, such candidates are not permitted to do online registration.

Q. Final Result / Mark sheet of qualifying examination is not available due to delay in declaration of result, is he/she allowed?

All documents in original have to be brought to the reporting center at the time of reporting in case of seat allocation.

Q. If a candidate is appearing in supplementary qualifying examination, is he / she allowed?

Not allowed

Q. Original mark sheet / document are deposited somewhere else, and a certificate regarding this is available. Can such candidates report to reporting center after seat allocation?

Not Allowed.

Q. I have lost my admit card. How can I recover it for seat allocation?

Contact CBSE.

Category Rules

1. As per CSAB 2014 record, category is OPEN. Can the category be changed from OPEN to SC/ST/OBC?

No, it cannot be changed.

2. Is category change possible during online registration?

Change of Category is possible from SC/ST/OBC to OP at the time of online registration, but change of category from OP to reserved category is not allowed. Also change of category within SC/ST and
OBC are not allowed. Change of any category to PwD will not be allowed.
If the candidate fails to submit category certificate or category given by the candidate is found to be wrong (not in the NCBC list, http://ncbc.nic.in) at the time of verification of certificates and also at the time of reporting, his / her provisional allocation of the seat shall automatically stand cancelled.
However, the candidate will be allowed for the next rounds of seat allocation for the available vacant seats only, after obtaining an undertaking from the candidate and updating his/her category
based on the original certificates.

3. Is there any reservation for sub-category?

Reservation for sub-category is only for Persons with Disabilities (PwD).

Persons with Disabilities (PwD)
1. Who is eligible for persons with disabilities category?
To be eligible for consideration under persons with disabilities category, a candidate must have a minimum of 40% disability subject to the condition that the candidate is capable of carrying out all activities related to theory and practical work as applicable to B.E. / B.Tech / B. Arch. Courses.

Online Registration

1. What happens if I do not register during specifies period?

Such candidates cannot fill in choices and hence are out of the admission process of CSAB (the first round and second round). However they can register for the spot round and extra spot round.


2. If a candidate forgets his/her password, how to get a new password?

Whenever a candidate forgets his/her password, he/she has to use the additional information given by him/her at the time of online registration to get a new password. If unable to retrieve the
password by this process, then he/she will have to go to Reporting/ Help Centre.

3. Can the candidate change his/her password?

Yes. The candidate can change his/her password.

4. Can the name of the candidate be changed during seat allocation?

No change in name is permitted.

Choice filling and Locking

1. How many choices can a candidate give?

A candidate can submit as many numbers of choices in order of preference as he/she wishes from the list of his/her available choices.

2. What is locking?

Locking is the process of final submission of choices.

3. If a candidate doesn’t lock his/her choices, will they be processed for seat allocation?

It is in the interest of the candidates that they lock their choices themselves before the deadline.
However, in the exceptional cases where candidates fail to lock their choices, the last saved choices will be locked automatically.

4. Can the candidate modify the choices after locking?

After locking the choices, the candidate cannot modify his/her choices.

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