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A teacher’s life lights many lamps

To All the Teachers

Eckovation has created a digital solution for easy connectivity with your students. Now, teachers can teach thousands of students sitting at home with the help of this Mobile App.

What are the pre-requisites to become a Teacher on this App?

The are no pre-conditions. Anyone can create a Learning group on the Eckovation App and start teaching students.

I believe there is no other profession in the world that is more important to society than that of a teacher
~ APJ Abdul Kalam

Benefits of Using Eckovation App for Teaching Students

  1. Easy Connectivity with Students: A teacher from Delhi can teach his/her student living in small village of Meghalaya, India
  2. Teach Thousands of students at a time: The main disadvantage of teaching students at home or institution is the limited number of students can be given personal attention
  3. No upper limit on number of group members
  4. Ability to make group one-way / two-way
  5. Teachers can Upload Video Lectures and Quiz
  6. Teachers can continuously monitor the performance of each and every student
  7. Teachers can launch paid courses / paid lectures / paid quiz
  8. Q&A is managed in separate group tab

Guide for Educators 

The above link will help you create your own Learning Group on Eckovation App and start teaching students.
Click Here to see the Manual

How to create your own Learning Group on Eckovation App?

How to post Video Lectures and Quiz to your Learning Group on Eckovation App?

How to add Students to your Learning Group?



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