Ensuring Quality Education to 67,000 Students in Godda District of Jharkhand

Inspired from the Unnayan Banka Project, the district administration of Godda has collaborated with Eckovation for the implementation of the Gyanodaya Project in the District. Gyanodaya Godda aims to provide Quality Education in more than 600 schools of the district by leveraging technology. The focus is not only on providing accessible quality education to students but also on analysing the performance of each and every student and providing them timely feedback to improve their performance outcomes.

The students of Godda District can now access the complete classroom sessions at their home also. All the Lectures, Chapter-wise Tests and Doubt Discussions with subject teachers are available for free of cost for the students on Eckovation App. 


Gyanodaya Godda – Transforming School Education

Spearheaded Ms Kiran Pasi, DC – Godda, Jharkhand, has taken this initiative with the vision to improve two critical performance parameters i.e. attendance in government schools of the district; and performance of students in Maths, Science, Social Science and Linguistic Subjects. The learning among students is enriched by interactive and innovative short video lectures followed by a daily quiz. This has created interest among students and provided motivation to attend school regularly. Further, there are Video Lectures and Assessment for all the subjects in the modules thereby supplementing the unavailability of particular subject teachers. The mobile based learning groups have been created on the platform with all the content, assessment and monitoring process and discussions with teachers on the learning group itself. This has brought the accessibility of education to the palms of the students.

In the initial phase, the team Eckovation is starting implementation of the Gyanodaya Godda model in 50 schools of the district impacting the accessibility to Quality Education to more than 7000 students. Gradually, 601 schools in the district will be covered under the Gyanodaya Project ensuring reach of quality education to more than 67,000 students where proper daily monitoring framework will be established to regularly assess the success of the initiative. The daily attendance and performance of students are uploaded on the Eckovation Platform to obtain overall performance analysis of students along with generation of report-card of each student. The accessibility of this evaluation is available to all the stakeholders bringing 100% transparency in the system.

How gyanodaya Godda uses mobile and ICT technology to improve accessibility of education?

The learning process used in the model involves audio-visual classrooms having animated and contextualised lectures followed by daily assessments.  The first interaction with the students happens in the classroom, where they watch the videos screen casted on the television. The videos are kept super interactive which ensures a good level attentiveness from the students.

Only teaching a concept to the students doesn’t ensure that she has understood the concept well. The second important part of the model is assessment. The performance of students in the daily assessments gives the true parameter for evaluation of conceptual understanding. Based on the performance in daily assessments, students are given feedback on how to improve their weaknesses. This Adaptive Learning technique is based on Artificial Intelligence Technology.

The third part of the model is Doubt Discussions. If the students face any doubt at any point of preparation, she can discuss her doubts with a team of experts on Eckovation Platform.

Based on this performance data points, students are provided with AI based recommendations to help them strengthen their weak topics. Eckovation’s AI built into the app, analyzes each student’s performance while mapping it to the course curriculum and also benchmarking it with not just that disctrict but with the country wide data on the same curriculum, and generates unique actionable feedback for each and every student. This feedback is then shared with the students first of all via push notifications, SMS and via the student help groups, which consists of teachers and experts from Eckovation.

How to join Gyanodaya Godda initiative?



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