How a simple woman did not let go her dream to become a teacher and is educating hundreds of students today

Monica Gera is a simple woman from a working class household in Gurgaon. She grew up wanting to become a teacher. She also succeeded in fulfilling her dream and started teaching after completing her education. Although she had to leave it midway to pursue other responsibilities in life, she has recently started teaching on Eckovation.

Here are excerpts from a small chitchat session with her:


Eckovation: What inspires you to teach?

Monica: Teaching keeps me at peace. It is something that I connect with a lot. I used to teach the kids in my neighbourhood when I was a child. So, in a way it keeps me connected to my childhood. I have always been passionate about teaching. It is what keeps me going.

Also, I believe that education is the solution to so many problems that exist. And yet, our children do not have access to quality education. Teaching a child requires a lot of effort and dedication. These days, our classrooms are bigger and the student teacher ratio does not do justice to the attention to detail and help that a child requires. Everyone can’t afford tuitions and it is unfair to expect a child to get a good grasp on the basics without any guidance at home. There has to be something or somebody that enhances a child’s learning outcomes by decreasing their effort and simplifying concepts for them. I love doing this.


Eckovation: Why did you choose Eckovation?

Monica: Eckovation allows me to teach anywhere anytime. My classroom group has other teachers too that gives me the freedom to not worry about my lesson plans all the time. I discuss with my fellow teachers are we manage everything perfectly. Eckovation has given me so much opportunity to learn from my fellow teachers and parents too.


Eckovation: What keeps you motivated?

Monica: My classroom does. I have so many children who are self-motivated and eager to learn. I like to help them in the process of solving difficult problems. I feel empowered every time my classroom succeeds in achieving something that seemed difficult at one point of time. It happens through a series of peer discussion rounds. I am mostly moderating their discussions and everybody is helping everyone else grow. It feels amazing to be a part of such a dynamic system.


Eckovation: What is your advice for upcoming teachers?

Monica: Teach as much as you can and wherever you can. If you are really passionate, you will be able to change the lives of many students and help them become a better  learner.

Monica Gera teaches at following groups – Montessori School (Group code – 635481), Primary School (Group code – 993871), Class VI (Group code – 863922), Class VII (Group code – 266581), Class VIII (Group code – 549301).

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