Optimise your LinkedIn Profile To Get Best Job Opportunities

Between studying for exams, searching for jobs and figuring out your next step, being a student can be stressful. In this article, you’ll discover how to use your LinkedIn profile to make a strong first impression with prospects and connections. Making your LinkedIn profile stand out is  incredibly important to your professional brand and finding job opportunities.

On the other hand, a compelling profile can definitely help your job hunt. LinkedIn has over 530 million members worldwide, so you never know who’s checking you out or where your next offer could come from.

Even if you’ve been diligent about keeping your profile up to date, a few small tweaks (or major changes, as the case may be) can go a long way towards getting you that job.

Importance of LinkedIn Summary (Highlight your Education)

Your education and the topics you’ve mastered go a long way in showing who you are and what you know. No need to hold back – in addition to your school and major, you can also add sections for your courses, scores, organizations, honors and awards and more.

No need to be intimidated if you haven’t had a bunch of professional experience! Your experience section can include part-time positions, summer jobs, internships and volunteer work — all of which go a long way in showing your skills and getting you in front of potential employers.

You can also include writing samples, design work and more to your profile. What better way to show what you can do than with real examples?

Steps to add LinkedIn Summary

  1. Go to your LinkedIn Profile
  2. Click ‘+‘ on the right side of the Education Section
  3. Add Education (Example)
    – Your Name of School: Eckovation
    – The degree offered by the School: Machine Learning
    –  Field of Study: Computer Science
    – Grade: A+
    – Activities: You can mention the details of your ‘Projects’ in this section.
    – Year of Graduation

Importance of Skills & Endorsements

Whether in courses or through work experience, you’ve no doubt gained some relevant workplace skills. Don’t fret if you’re not an expert coder or marketing whiz: soft skills like communication, critical thinking and teamwork are just as important as hard skills–if not more.

Be sure to add the top skills you want to be recognized for to your profile

An endorsement on LinkedIn is a great way to have your skills validated by others, but be cautious of having too many. Update your skills regularly and keep them focused on the areas you want to be known for.

Importance of Projects & Accomplishments

LinkedIn’s accomplishments section is the perfect place to feature the work you’re most proud of and your career milestones. Think awards, special projects, languages – this is your opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.

Your LinkedIn profile plays an important role on how you project yourself to recruiters, so make sure you always look your best and has updated all your courses and skills.



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