I’m not getting notification on my Xiaomi Phone (For MIUI 9)

If you are not getting notifications on your MIUI 8 phone, then follow the following steps

You have to do following setting in your phone, in order to start getting notifications.
1. First battery saver restrictions from the Eckovation app through these following steps:

Go to Settings and under System and Settings tap Battery settings.


Now choose Power.


Choose App Battery Saver


Choose Eckovation app.


Choose ‘No restrictions’.


These steps will ensure the app doesn’t get restricted by any battery saver regulations and there will be free flow of notifications.


2. Do the next set of steps to modify how you receive notifications from the Eckovation app.

Back to Settings and Go to Apps under App Settings section


Find and choose Eckoavtion


In App info, tap Show notifications


Now move all the sliders to right except for Floating notifications


These steps will ensure you never miss a notification on course or app update ever.



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