Important Dates and Guidelines for Counselling of Round 3 of JoSAA

Round 2 of JoSSA is almost completed and today is the last date of the process. 

Second round seat acceptance: 7-9 July 2016 (Daily 10 AM to 5 PM)
Only those candidates who are allotted seats first time in round 2 and those who have to do dual reporting must report at the respective reporting centres and accept the seats. Please see “Announcements” for details. 

Round 3 of the JoSSA counselling

The third round of the counselling is expected to be stated from Monday, 11th July and a day will be given to fill choices and then afterwards in coming 2 days the process of locking, floating will be started.

Very important points and queries which is asked by multiple of the students are as following:

Q. When should I pay any money to JoSAA and how much should I pay?

A. First of all you have to fill-in the choices online. If you are offered a seat in any round of seat allotment, then for accepting the seat you have to pay seat acceptance fee and report at a reporting centre for document verification. Seat acceptance fee for SC/ST/PwD candidates is Rs. 20,000/- and for others it is Rs. 45,000/-.


Q. What is the activity at reporting center (RC)?

A. Candidate who are offered seat (as per their choices), will have to report in person at an RC for document verification (see check list of documents on JoSAA portal) for accepting the seat.

Q. I am not interested in the seat offered. Can I participate in seat allotment in further rounds without accepting the seat now?

A. First of all don’t fill-in the courses that you are not interested. If you don’t accept the seat, then you will be out from the seat allotment process. You will not be able to participate in further rounds.

Q. What are preparatory courses?

A. Preparatory course is a one-year course at IITs/ISM where the students will be given training in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Language. After successful completion, the students will be given admission in their respective courses (BTech/BS/Etc) as per their allotment.


Q. How and when is the preparatory course offered?

A. If SC/ST/PwD seats are IITs are not opted by any of the candidates who are in the rank lists CRLPwd/OBC-NCL-PwD/SC-Pwd/ST-PwD/SC/ST, those seats will be offered to the candidates who are in preparatory rank list. Candidates in preparatory rank lists have to fill their choices along with all others. As and when there is a vacancy and it is opted by a preparatory candidate, then the candidate will be offered. This will be done in every round of seat allotment.

Q. Will there be any separate allotment for preparatory courses?

A. No, preparatory courses will also be allotted along with all other courses. All the qualified candidates of JEE (Main) 2016 and JEE (Advanced) 2016, who seek admission in IITs/NITs/IIITs/Other-GFTIs, must fill-in their choices during the choice filling period only. That is, before 12 noon on 29/06/2016.

Q. I have been offered a seat in 2nd round allotment. I will not be able to accept the seat at this moment. Can I accept the same seat later?

A. No, if you don’t report in person and accept the seat in the respective seat acceptance period of the round (please follow the schedule), then you will lose the seat and you will be out of seat allotment process.

Q. I am from Bhopal and I have been offered a seat in an IIT Guwahati. Can I report at the RC at NIT Bhopal for accepting the seat?

A. No, any who is offered seat in an IIT/ISM must report at any of the 16 reporting centres of IITs. Please see the list on JoSAA portal.

Q. I am from Mumbai and I have been offered a seat in NIT Durgapur. Can I report at IIT Bombay for accepting the seat?

A. No, any one who is offered seat in an NIT/IIIT/IIEST/Other-GFTI must report at any of the 38 reporting centres of those Institutes. Please see the list on JoSAA portal.

Q. I have accepted a seat of an IIT in the previous round. Now it is upgraded to ISM Dhanbad. Do I have to report at an RC for accepting again?

A. No, if you have accepted a seat in an IIT/ISM and it upgrades to any of your choices in IITs and ISM (within the same system), then you don’t have to report at RC again. It is similar to NIT+ system too.

Q. What is dual reporting?

A. If you have accepted a seat of an NIT in the previous round and your seat is now upgraded to an IIT, then you have to report at an RC of IITs and accept the seat. Otherwise, you will lose both the seats.

Q. Will there be a spot round for NITs/IIITs/Other-GFTIs?

A. No, there will not a spot round.

For Further Questions, get the suggestions of IITs and NITs Professors

For the convenience of the students a new initiative has been taken. Now, students can take opinion on college selection fromIIT, NIT professorsand already studying students. By downloading Eckovation App and using group code: 898615, you can ask your queries.



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