India’s Own and Better Alternative To WhatsApp

Finally, here comes India’s own product which is superior as compared to WhatsApp for creating and managing Learning Groups. Download, Promote & Share Eckovation and help it become a global success.

8 Benefits of Eckovation over WhatsApp:

1. In WhatsApp, a group can have a maximum of 256 members. In Eckovation, there’s no upper limit on number of group members.

2. Phone numbers of group members are disclosed in Public WhatsApp Groups which can be misused. On Eckovation, only names of members are visible and not phone numbers, thus ensuring better privacy.

3. On WhatsApp, a Group Admin can only add or remove members and has no other privilege. On Eckovation, Admin can make group one way or two way with just a click of a button.

4. Other additional benefits of Eckovation include – A Group Admin can upload Quizzes and Videos with associated Analytics inside the Group and make the learning process smooth.

5. A Group Admin on Eckovation can also launch paid courses which is not possible on WhatsApp.

6. In Eckovation Groups, Q&A can be managed in a separate tab. Such a feature is not available in WhatsApp and important queries are lost within Group Chats.

7. In Eckovation, there are existing Open Learning Groups to choose from and join. Such a feature is not present on WhatsApp.

8. In Eckovation Groups, you can access past messages which were posted before you joined the group. Again, this feature is not present in WhatsApp.

How to Join India’s fastest growing social learning platform, Eckovation

Step 1. Download Eckovation App: Click here

Step 2. Join Existing Public Groups or Create Your Own Groups



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