Launching our Degree Booster Packages for Engineering Students

It is high time that you boost your engineering college degree with our degree booster.


1. Because your engineering degree just takes care of academics but industry-academia gap remains, which ultimately affects your employability.
2. Because degree booster complements your full time degree. It focuses on skills and startups nowadays hire on the basis of skillsets.
3. Skills have also become important if you are planning to go for MS/higher study.

But still, another question might pop in your mind – Why Eckovation?

1. We are currently the largest online forum for Engineering Students. Join our Learning Group: Click Here
2. We are a team of IITians with strong functional expertise.
3. With our degree booster, you will become an expert in more than 5 important skills of your engineering domain.

Currently we have Degree Booster Packages for the following departments:
i) Computer Science Engineering: Click Here
ii) Electronics Engineering: Click Here
iii) Electrical Engineering: Click Here
iv) Mechanical Engineering: Click Here

If you want more clarity on these programs and need to talk to our Program Manager, you can call us on 9266677335 or mail us your concern at

If you want to enroll in Degree Booster Program of your department, Click Here.



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