Learning to code was never so easy and here you can learn for free.

“Everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” It is now 21 years since Steve Jobs said those words, in an interview released two years after his death.

A code is the string of typed instructions a computer follows to do anything from displaying the word “hello” on a screen, to piloting a driverless car through traffic. Send a text, take money from a cashpoint or book a ticket etc. And since it is impossible to write an app without learning to code, coding is the skill that stands between an entrepreneur with a bright idea and a saleable and scalable product in the Google Play store.

Akshat Goel, an android programmer who teaches basic programming skills on Eckovation app says, “Learning to code requires mastery of a problem-solving skill such as: breaking down tasks into a logical sequence of smaller steps, discarding unnecessary elements, diagnosing errors and inventing new approaches when the first inevitably fails. At its simplest, learning to code is simply learning to tell machines what to do.”



Open School groups on Eckovation bring learners and educators together, especially from the K-12 segment. A group on Basic Android Programming (group code 745683) teaches basics of android programming to children. The teachers constitute IIT graduates and people who have worked with technology giants such as Google and Dena, Japan. Students on the group constitute school-going children who are motivated to learn to code.


Subhikhya is an IITian and she has worked with technology giants such as Google. She spends 2-3 hours everyday teaching the basics of coding to young learners. She says, “Anyone can learn to code. In a few hours you can pick up the basic skills and in a few weeks you will be able to build useful applications and websites.” She gleefully adds, “Once you know how to code, you can create virtual worlds within the computer where the only limit on what is possible is your imagination.”

Join Basic Android Programming Group on Eckovation using group code 745683.



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