Opportunities In A Digitally Mediated Learning Environment

Twenty-first century has witnessed transformation in Information and Technological sector, exerting great influence on one of the most important field of contemporary times, Education. If we recall, a decade ago, smartphones and email were gaining momentum, gradually eliminating the need for maintaining paper contact and address books. Today, Digital Learning is at that same stage of smartphones. So, is it right to state that Digital Learning is rapidly involving? Let’s have a look at the recent opportunities created by the sector in order to clearly analyze if the statement holds weightage or not. The advent of digitalized techniques, has posed a severe challenge to the traditional notion of education and potential new ways have been devised to impart knowledge.

The onset of e-learning is an exemplary and smart method that invites the educators to enhance the process of learning within the boundaries of a formal class-room set up. It is based on the concept that imparting practical and skill based knowledge is way better than mugging up the concepts. It aims at creating a friendly learning base that integrates within itself, the best techniques in accordance with the ongoing technological trends and fads. It fosters active involvement and encourages students, regardless of their mental capacity and learning ability, to grasp knowledge in a less burdened manner.

Moreover, it offers abundance of benefits and opportunities for learners and educators. These have been accounted below.


  1. EASY AND EFFECTIVE LEARNING: Making excessive use of technology to gain knowledge can prove to be much more meaningful and engaging for students. Fostering their desire to browse and learn about more topics can effectively enrich student’s in-depth understanding. It can enable them to grasp concepts easily, connect theory and application adeptly, invoking high level of curiosity in the reader and facilitating widespread sharing of knowledge. It is a platform that offers swift feedback on assignments and projects allowing learners to concentrate their efforts on enhancing their further understanding about the concept.
  2. ENHANCING MEMORY AND PEER INTERACTION: Rapid assessment, Graphics, Illustrations, Quotes, Games, Visuals, Video’s and simulations yield a richer, progressive and healthy learning environment. They improve photogenic memory and enable students to learn without mugging up. It also supports additional forums to discuss and engage in debates, offering multiple viewpoints and opinions from people which help in broadening the thought process. It also enhances peer interaction.
  3. MASTERING A SUBJECT: Carrying out research with ease is another feather in the cap as the internet offers thousands of sources, enabling a person to master a particular topic.
  4. 24×7 AVAILABILITY OF INTERNET: The most reaped benefit of digital learning is to grasp anywhere in the world, at any point of time round the clock. It gives opportunity to graduate students to effectively pursue online internships.
  5. ELIMINATING INEQUALITY By pioneering a curriculum enriched with technology, students from underprivileged and non-creamy backgrounds can gain 24×7 accesses to internet, leading to dissolution of prevailing inequality at the student level. Thus, Digital Learning is an affordable and cheap way that makes education much more accessible than ever. It can prove to be beneficial for achieving success in attaining senior- secondary education.


  1. SKILL DEVELOPMENT: The quality of teaching a student receives, is a major factor in determining the success of a student. To fully enjoy and leverage the benefits of smart and digital learning, an insight into the skills possessed by the teachers is essential. They need to be very comfortable with navigation of web resources.
  2. DATA MANAGEMENT AND LESS WORK LOAD: Apart from that, Digital learning technologies help instructors to assimilate and manage date effectively and also lead to efficient evaluation of data driven instructions and learning that can significantly improve their effectiveness and also lessen the work load.
  3. SWIFT FEEDBACK AND SPREADING OF IDEAS QUICKLY: It provides rapid feedback to instructors as to where their students are facing problems, and address queries to common questions. It allows instructors to reach large number of students at the same time and spread knowledge equally and widely. They have the ability to disseminate new ideas more quickly, touching more people and impacting more lives. Digital learning empowers one to construct models and tutorials, by making use of the best content available online.

Thus, it can be rightly stated that e-learning is rapidly growing and expanding its resource base. The learning environment offers several advantages and has a wide scope of development. Its inherent capability can usher positive hopes, open up the gateway to new possibilities and provide multifarious opportunities, enriching the instructor- learner relationship and also yield a definite impact on the IT Industry and Education Sector.



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