Our inspiration to create the Eckovation platform

When we look back a few years, we get the perspective how fast the smartphone penetration has affected the lives of people for good. Eckovation prides itself for being the first venture to give a platform especially designed for smooth communication between teachers, parents and students. This novel approach had not been tried in the Indian market before. We personally felt the difficulties the stakeholders had in collaborating and staying connected after the class hours. Teachers were not always willing to share their contact numbers with everyone and the same with the parents. The burden of this handicap had to borne by students who would miss out on important communication and assistance from their teachers.

The much essential link between teachers, parents and students was missing. Parents with their busy schedule found it tough to find time and meet their ward’s teachers on a regular basis. There was almost no communication between parents and teachers. Even the parents-teachers meetings organized by school authorities did not have much attendance. This left parents with incomplete information regarding their ward’s progress, daily assignments and upcoming examinations. Manual circulars and flyers were very often misplaced by the students and the required information could not reach the parents. School websites too were not often visited by the parents and the students. Thus what we saw and felt was a complete lack of collaboration among these three stakeholders.

This was the point where we decided to take the initiative of ECKOVATION which would provide a platform for effective communication and collaboration between teachers, parents and students. Driven by the burning desire to apply and devise technology for the societal good pulled us all along. We believe assimilation of technology into society can solve a lot of problems in our lives if worked out in an efficient manner. In today’s world when the world is getting even closer with the smartphone platform what could be a better service to the society than creating a platform for the cause of knowledge sharing.

We certainly dream that a day would come where even the child in remotest corner of Manipur to Kashmir to Kanyakumari would be connected on our platform sharing knowledge and stay connected. Teachers from all over the country could interact with fellow members, learn new methodologies and grow in the manner. The whole sector which we have just tried tapping, can be seen as a revolutionizing change which could bring catalytic changes to the whole scenario.

Now what we would need from the government is greater connectivity of internet services across the remotest corners of the country. Better implementation of plans and services is a must. It gives us a lot of pleasure to receive the positive feed backs which we are receiving in these initial days. We hope the platform would help our fellow students, teachers and parents and help them achieve greater heights in their careers. We are committed to work for them and as a team its our daily endeavor to devise new features to assist our users on our platform.



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