Our Latest Initiative: Free Learning Groups on Latest/Emerging Technologies

With ever changing technologies and technological updation taking place on a consistent basis, it becomes important for all of us to remain aware about all the latest happenings in the world of technology today.

Do all of us remember that it’s just been 10 years when the first smartphone in the entire world was launched by Apple in 2007, and look where we are now. Can we imagine a life without smartphones anymore? Probably not.


Internet of Things Eckovation



Similarly, today some of the technologies which are growing exponentially include Machine Learning, Big Data, Deep Learning, Hyperloop Transportation, Electric Cars, Commercial Space Travel, Internet of Things etc. which were not a part of our vocabulary even 5 years ago.







Keeping this in mind, we have decided to start dedicated groups on each of these topics on Eckovation App. It is very important to always be one step ahead in using these technologies to our advantage and also explore career opportunities in these domains in line with our skill sets.


Some of the benefits of joining these groups are:

i) Completely FREE groups – so no downside in terms of monetary investment

ii) Networking opportunity with Peer Group with similar interest

iii) Carefully curated videos on each topic in a structured manner so that learning is maximized

iv) Quizzes and Assignments to reinforce your learning

v) FREE e-certification to those students who perform well in quizzes and assignments








The current active groups are listed below:

i) Internet of Things – To Join Click Here

ii) Machine Learning – To Join Click Here

iii) Hyperloop Transportation – To Join Click Here

iv) BlockChain Technology – To Join Click Here

v) Product Ideation – To Join Click Here


We’ll come up with a lot of similar groups in times to come and this page will be updated accordingly.

So, stay tuned, bookmark this page if possible and keep visiting regularly.




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