Reality of Placements at IITs

Every year, the passing out B.Tech batch has a mad competition among themselves to see who bags the highest salary package. Nonetheless to say, media (print/social/electronics) also grab on it to make a cover story for their firm.

A general trend seen is the IITians bagging the highest packages, coming from the most reputed and prime institutions of the country. Rarely though, any news story mentions the average salary of these institutional bodies.

Eckovation decided to dig a peep-hole into the matter and since IIT Delhi ranked no.1 this year, we analysed the Placement & Package offered here for the year 2014. Have a look:

Highest package offered- INR 1.42 Cr p.a. by Facebook.

Top Placements were:

INR 33 lacs p.a. – Offered by Schlumberger

INR 26 lacs p.a.- Offered by Zomato

INR 64.8 lacs p.a.- Offered by Epic Systems

This is the scenario which included only crème-da-le-crème of the institute. The package was anywhere between INR 4 lacs p.a. – INR 150 lacs p.a.

From the analysis, two points can be concluded—

1. Preparing a student into a technical human being, pro to-be-utilized to his maximum abilities fail to fetch a decent package with an apt profile at a technical firm. As a result, most graduates opt for consulting/marketing and other non-tech profiles for the high packages offered.

2. The next reality is the amount of package offered being directly proportional to the branch/stream of B.Tech courses. A huge variation in the package offered is recorded.

Among them, Computer sciences, Electronics, Instrumentation ranks in the highest bracket. Then comes the entrepreneurial streak (stock options vs.basic salary), purchasing (financial/ consulting) followed by dotcoms which in turn followed by high tech ITs etc. And as for the new IITs(15 in total now) are less likely to command more premiums.

In the rear, it comes out that any IITians’ average salary lies in between 5 – 7.5 lacs and it gets no better than this. In the front, many a times we hear high salaries like 1.5 Cr per annum but that’s exceptional and not applicable for all.




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