Social Media Post of Eckovation

The Social Media Posts of Eckovation which went Viral and spread across the Nation. Feel Free to share with your Friends and Family.

Puzzles: Social Media Posts

Puzzle 1: Murder Case of Women in Restaurant

Puzzle 2: Which Man is  Carrying the Most Weight

Puzzle 3: How Many Squares

Puzzle 4: What goes through Cites and fields but never moves?

Puzzle 5: How many animals you can see

Puzzle 6: Murder with Pills

Puzzle 7: What’s Wrong in the Picture

Puzzle 8: Who killed Mr. James

Puzzle 9: What Did the scientist say when he found 2 atoms of helium?

Puzzle 10: How Many pages are torn out

Puzzle 11: Find the 6 Hidden Words


Fun Posts: Social Media Posts

Fun Post 1: Thugs of Hindostan

Fun Post 2: Happy Gandhi Jayanti, Gandhi ji ke 3 Bandar

Fun Post 3: Engineering Student in Thugs of Hindostan

Fun Post 4: Happy Dussehra Post


Fact Posts: Social Media Posts

Fact Post 1: Growth of Internet

Fact Post 2: Morse Code

Fact Post 3: Diamond

Fact Post 4: Why SEO Matters

Fact Post 5: Netflix and Machine Learning

Fact Post 6: IT workshop

Fact Post 7: Full Stake Developer and Android Developer


Festival Posts: Social Media Posts

Festival Post 1: Ganesh Chathurthi

Festival Post 2: Abdul kalam Azad

Festival Post 3: Raksha Bandhan

Festival Post 4: Happy Dussehra

Festival Post 5: Hindi Diwas

Festival Post 6: Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Festival Post 7: Happy Diwali