StartUp Course by Y Combinator Founder Sam Altman

Imagine a course which will teach you A2Z of the startups.  Also think of a situation where the best brain of Startup Ecosystem will teach you about the Idea, Team, Funding, Management, Traction and Monetization. 


A beautifully planned course on Eckovation App is doing exactly all this. Features of this course are:
1. Video lessons of Sam Altman (Y Combinator Founder)
2. Situational Quizes
3. Case Study
4. Assignments
5. Entrepreneurship Certification

Startup Video Lessons of Sam Altman (founder, Y Combinator)

The open source videos of Sam Altman serve as lessons for the class. Along with Sam, other super intelligent brains of startup ecosystem are going to teach this course. They are going to focus their lectures to teach you different strategies essential for building and managing startups in a sustainable manner.
Identifying the Idea, Scope, Market, Customer, Investment and other critical components are major topics of discussion in this course.

Situational Quizzes

The course is contextualized in Indian context by adding situational Quizzes which will ensure your best learning and assessment of the strategies you have learned from the course.

Case Studies

What people have done in the past is an important source of learning. The success stories of PayTm, Amazon, AirBnB, Flipkart, Eckovation etc are shared with you to make you prepared for your startup. Along with this, we are also going to share important cases of failed stories of great men to ensure that you could take important learnings from that.


While working on ideas and learning different things, we are going to allocate important assignments to you through which you can test the concepts introduced in the course. A good performance in these assignments will get you superb ratings on your certificate of this course.

Entrepreneurship Certificate

The last and the most important part, after this course, if you do good, we will award you with a certificate. You performance will be judged on the work you will do in assignments and in Quizzes.
So now, are you ready for the Startup Course. This is the 2 month course on Start Up:
1. Download Eckovation App
2. Join the Group Code: 518964



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