Story of Santosh Singh

The constant news about the failing state of education in India comes as no surprise to anyone. The words Government Schools have become synonymous with decline and stagnation. Most schools in villages are run without enough teachers, resources, and improper infrastructure. More often than not, this leads to collective wane in the enthusiasm of students to attain education and they end up dropping out as going to school just seems like a colossal waste of time. 

Eckovation, along with the Adani Foundation, and the District Administration of Godda has managed to curb the increasing dropout rates and has helped around 60,000 students in the Godda district of Jharkhand. In Godda, Jharkhand, the dropout rate has reduced by 20% since the initiation of the Gyanodaya Project last year.

Through the Smart class project, a number of students have managed to stay in school and continue with their studies and have achieved record-breaking results in Board exams. 

Santosh Kumar Singh from the Godda district in Jharkhand is one such shining example of how far grit and hard work can take a person. He gave his 10th boards this year and emerged as the school topper with 95.8%.

His father Shravan Singh runs a small shop with a meager income just enough to provide his family with two square meals a day. He can’t afford his son’s education and is grateful for his son’s school for putting his kid through classes 9th and 10th without demanding a single penny from him. He is elated with his son’s result and is hopeful that his son continues to thrive in the future too. “Santosh is a dedicated boy and managed to top his school with the added pressure of daily household chores”, says the proud father.


When asked how Santosh feels about his success, “The credit of my success goes to my school, Gyanodaya project run by Eckovation, Adani Foundation, and the DA of Godda. I was extremely fortunate to have been chosen for the program super 100. I would love to study further and would be grateful for DC’s help. I want to grow up and become an army officer and serve my country”, he exclaimed.

It is determined students such as Santosh that with their perseverance and hard work act as a beacon of hope for other such kids and give them hope and the chance to make their dreams come true.



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