Teachers! Let’s bring the impact and earning revolution we have dreamed in our lives

I have been a teacher for 15 years in Delhi. For years I was limited in my reach to the 100 students in my classrooms. I used to wonder how can I reach out to more students? How can I expand my earning? How can I bring the change that I have secretly desired?

That’s when the Eckovation team reached out to me. They promised to run virtual classroom for students spread across India. I could not believe them till I was actually running the classroom. 600 students, spread across 4 states, learning English from me!!

Eckovation has given me one of the most satisfying moments in my career as a teacher. Not only that, they have opened an additional earning source (>30k/month) which has come as a blessing.

As a teacher, I would never market for a company. I believe this is a revolutionary approach unleashed by these IIT kids who are as passionate as me about Education. I believe it is my responsibility to make you aware of the Impact, enhanced reach, and financial success you can achieve.

I invite all of you to join me in this great journey to finally break the shackles that are limiting the spread of Education in our country. We teachers can be entrepreneurs and provide education to millions deprived of it through Eckovation.


What is Eckovation?

Eckovation is India’s fastest growing social learning platform used by teachers to launch their classroom online and at the same time their students can learn from these groups. These students can belong to their classroom or outside that.


Impact of Eckovation?

Eckovation has enhanced the reach, impact and earnings of the teachers. This is level at which it has increased.

Reach and Impact: Grown by 10 Times

Earnings: Enhanced their earning to 250%. Earning on an average of INR 30,000/month per paid groups.

How to start?

Download Eckovation app, create your group and share the group code with your students. If the group is engaging, the tool will automatically recommend your online class to students outside your network. This will make your success even more monumental and viral. The below video will explain the steps:

In case of any help, call us at +91-7011565517 or mail us at info@eckovation.com



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