The approach to deliver quality education to all

Out of more than 230 million students in our country, not everyone gets quality education. Through Open School, we strive to bring educators and learners on the same platform.


Quality Education: Open School

Open School is a platform that brings educators and learners together on the mobile and web based app-Eckovation. The application uses a real time cloud based infrastructure to deliver content across mobile devices, instantly. It consumes minimal Internet data on the smartphone, and supports offline mode as well. All android-phone users can download the app from Google play store and use it for free. For non-android users, the web version is available.


The Classroom of Open School

During our influencer engagement program for Eckovation, we came across many teachers who expressed interest in taking classes on mobile, however, they did not have classrooms on mobile wherein they could distribute notes, clear doubts and become partners in students’ success. Open school came into being while putting these teachers in touch with worthy students who are now taking classes on Eckovation. These teachers upload their notes through the text, image and voice message feature of Eckovation and the class discusses their notes. Teachers only interfere to break a logjam due to a difficult problem. They share their solution with a thorough explanation and clarify doubts, if any. The process is helping students improve their problem solving skills and those teachers are now teaching hundreds of students on their mobile


Join as Student

Be the part of this moving world and learn socially. Open school will connect you with peers and the lead educators of your subjects. To join your interested group, here the group codes are disclosed which you can join after dowloading the Eckovation App:



Join as Parents

Stay connected with your wards and also be the part of the eco-system of learning. We understand the urgency of your involvement in building the life of your child and hence will suggest you to board yourself in the classrooms of Open School where there is a lot to learn and engage with you childrens.


Join as Teachers

You can be anybody, if you are interested in teaching we request you to join Eckovation. Let us know about your interests in teaching by registering through the link given below and we will get in touch with you. Welcome to Open School, please register yourself here:



Download the App: Link



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