The Journey of Prof. PMV Subbrao as a Teacher in IIT Delhi

The talk of the town, which is currently hitting the headlines in national media for their new avant-garde approach in the field of Indian education, is “Eckovation”— a mobile based social learning platform, which connects students, teachers and parents. 

Recently, Eckovation’s public-relations team, led by Mr Ritesh Singh met Dr. P M V Subbarao, Associate Dean and Professor, Mechanical Department of IIT-D. An ingenious professor himself, he carries forward the message – “Touch the sky, be on the ground” to his students while bearing the lantern for an aim of “Research thru Teaching”.

One of the most significant questions that popped up during Eckovation’s discussion with the pioneer was why did he choose teaching as a profession? To which his reply was – “We as kids always look up to become like someone, I looked up to my teacher. From my school days itself, I wanted to become like my teacher but with the societal flow, I went ahead and pursued engineering. Floating with the masses’ idea did not suit me good and from the very start I was disappointed with my career choice. Soon I came to know that all the professors teaching me were also engineers which inflicted a ray of hope and then I went ahead to pursue my M.Tech and PhD from IIT Kanpur and started teaching at IIT Delhi.”

PMV Subbarao- Eckovation

On Eckovation asking what expectations does he have from his students he brightly said-

“Expectations are not to be put as a burden on the students. I feel contented if even the bottom of the class absorbs and acknowledges what is shared with them.”

Looking at Mr. Subbarao’s contribution to the society, he has performed some spearheaded work in the field of micro-energy production for the rural areas of India and his contribution to the biogas technology is also breathtaking. Commenting on the same he says- “ I think it is the karma of one and all to give something back to the society, so that is why apart from teaching I spend some time interacting with the rural people imparting useful practices so that they can perform their daily chores with ease.


Our next vital question to him was what significant technical contributions has IIT given to the nation to which he replied- “The prime responsibility of the IITs is to teach students and make them valuable for the society. As far as the technology is concerned; it is the by-product of the researches performed at the institutes.”

For those who are blissfully unaware of the legacy that Mr. Subbarao holds, it’ll be enthralling to know in his own brief words-“I was born in a middle-class business family which did not have any real connections to the world of education, but I had always been inspired from my school teachers that kept me performing well. Till 8th standard, when education was free I studied with all my might but my family forced me to leave it and join in business and be amongst one of the food-earners. My interest in studies led me to do a “Satyagraha” and that was when I stopped talking to everyone and only ate food. Soon after this my teacher requested my father to let me resume studies.

The day I qualified for engineering was the day my family realised my potential as I was the only one who did it in the whole district that year”- said Mr. Subbarao.

His vision in his own words,

“Based on my experience and satisfaction, I want to move towards teaching and researching in the area of Pico-Energy Systems, which will enable a local society or people to develop their infrastructure without depending on large corporates or centralized institutions.”

Dr. PMV Subbarao



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