The locus of JEE, V K Bansal

A boy at the age of 16, when most kids are scrubbing through their 10th standard books, lost his father. With this, the family of 8 kids, the boy being the youngest, lost their only source of income. After his board exams, the family consented upon mutually to send the boy to Kota (read: hub of mushrooming coaching centres). They had a hard time managing the money required but with all due faith, they sent him under the umbrella of a man who himself was on wheelchair.

3 years later, the boy cracked JEE with a rank under 500s. Happiness followed.

Above is just one amongst the many success stories. There are numbers beyond counting for lives of students which were touched by the man, VK Bansal himself. Yes, the man who has laid the foundation of the mighty Bansal Classes.

In the year 1983, he started off by being a maths tutor to a student teaching on his dining table after having failed to achieve his very dream of becoming a Chief Engineer. Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative disease without cure.

Why did God do this? His answer- “All mathematical functions are not continuous.”

Vinod Kumar Bansal, popularly known as VKB among his students, was born on October 26, 1946. He graduated from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in Mechanical Engineering in 1971. Post graduation, he got married and moved to Kota (Rajasthan) as an engineer at JK Synthetics, a chemical company. Post 1983, history was being written in the form of ink from his mighty pen !

His popularity grew after few of his students passed JEE and in 1991, he founded Bansal Classes.

V K Bansal Sir
V K Bansal Sir

On asking if he finds satisfaction in teaching, he replied- “Satisfaction? Oh my god. This is my life. I cannot do anything else apart from teaching. And since I cannot do anything other than teaching, I can do it the best. Nobody can work harder than me as a teacher. Anyone else, who is not disabled, has a lot of other distractions in life.”

Not just him, but the Bansal Family followed him in doing this great act for society and in 1997, his daughter Pooja Bansal joined her father’s legacy and started teaching mathematics too. His son, Sameer Bansal and daughter-in-law Mahima Bansal have also been teaching from past many years for the same. Even at the age of 69, VKB  Sir is still very active and he takes regular classes for Bansal Classes.

His younger brother P K Bansal (CEO, Bansal Classes) has undoubtedly helped him nurture the very sustenance of this institute which has been and continues to be in limelight for IIT JEE preparation in the whole country. The institute is currently valued at INR 300 Cr.

The Building of Bansal Classes
The Building of Bansal Classes

VK Bansal’s note for the students preparing for JEE on the coaching’s website is something to be shared with all-
“We teach the students not to survive the competition but to always excel. Individual attention to each student has been our main focus and we have dwelled since our very beginning based on this simple logic. And each year, our results prove the worth of this logic. I’m proud of my students and each and every member of Bansal Classes who has contributed in this marvel.”



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