The Power of Student Directed Learning

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”

Abraham Lincoln aptly captured the pressing need for the education of ‘generation next’ to be of top notch quality in order to build a better government, a better nation and a better society at large.

The multiple experiments done in the field of education in the form of change in curriculum, evaluation criteria and teaching methodologies have the same objective of “improvement” at its heart. While each little step in that direction has added another dimension, and a fruitful one at it, to make quality education easily accessible as well as affordable for students of all financial and social background, “student directed learning system” can be a huge leap bringing about a new reform in the education sector.

After the lessons imparted by teachers in real time classrooms set up proper groundwork for students to understand the topic, self study and group studies (in that order) are deemed as the next best step to absorb what they learnt in class.

Online learning platforms (such as Eckovation itself) provide a means for students to discuss problems anytime, from anywhere and for as many numbers of times as they feel required.

Generation after generation, with every little reform brought about in the education system, there happens to be one absolute constant, i.e., the students. No one can tell better than a student, exactly which technique or study pattern is going to help him grow.

When the lot of these students is provided with all the study material there is and a platform to discuss amongst themselves the problems they face, they come up with different solutions to the same problem, where each and every one is at liberty to choose the solution that works best for them.

The beauty of student directed learning lies in the fact that helping each other understand a certain question only helps enhance their own learning ability resulting in a better grasp of the subject while at the same time instilling a sense of confidence in their study skills. Another loadstone drawing all these study groups together is the ease with which this method can be put to use (since only a push of a button helps connect students across different regions) and the flexibility of time that it provides adds an extra incentive.

This can be seen in the manner in which different study groups operate on Eckovation. For instance, students aiming to prepare for JEE 2017 (group code: 517329) can join the particular study group and post their problems. Since Eckovation helps connect students as well as teachers, either of the two will attempt the question and post the solution on the group. This not only helps the student who came up with the initial doubt, but all the students since it exposes them to new questions to practice as well as teachers to improve their teaching method based on the discussion which ensues in the group.

Likewise Literature enthusiasts can join the respective group and carry out extensive discussions on the themes and plots of stories, poems or plays.

Thus, student directed learning combined with the present day institutions and digital platforms facilitating education is a cohesive step in the direction of improving the quality of the education system and a means to provide easy availability to students of all financial backgrounds at minimal costs.



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