The Ranking of IIITs in India

IIIT stands for mostly : Indian Institute of Information Technology

: International Institute of Information Technology

IIIT Delhi stands for   : Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi

All these institutes maintain equal level of technical standard. To know more about the IIITs follow the post IIITs in India

Following are the parameters considered for preparing the ranking:


1. Age:

Along with age everything gets maturity. Institute infrastructure, accreditation, facilities etc. improve along with age. So, age of the institute is a parameter to be considered while ranking. The age of the institute has been evaluated as follows

If the institute is 10 or more than 10 years old then A+

If the institute age is in between 5 to 10 years then A

If the institute age is in between 1 to 5 years then B

If the institute is less than 1 year old then C

2. Faculty:

No doubt quality of faculties and faculty strength are important parameters to decide about the quality of institutions. While ranking on faculties following parameters have been considered:

Faculty Qualification and the Institutes from where they got graduated

Faculty research work

Faculty strength

3. Infrastructure:

To rank a technical institute, consideration of infrastructure is a must. Infrastructure includes many components as follows

Academic Buildings and Proper Classrooms


Hostel Buildings

Canteen and Play Grounds

Lab Equipment

Institute Website

4. Placement:

After all placement creates the actual impression of any institute. At the end of the day everyone wants a pretty job with handsome salary. So no way placement statistics can be ignored while ranking an institute. Following are the placement parameters which have been considered

Highest Package

Average Package

Onsite job offers

Number of companies visited


5. Research:

To improve the quality of technical education, it is very important that the institute should promote the research environment within the campus. So “Research” has been considered as a key parameter while ranking. Following are the areas considered for grading on research

Publications of the institute members

Total number of PhD scholars

Frequency of Workshop, Seminar and Conferences organized by the institute

Research collaborations of the institute

6. Location:

Location of the institute always is an important factor. Better location creates better opportunities at the time of study and after the study as well. Of-course for a student from north east; “IIIT Guwahati” would be a better option than “IIIT Delhi”, though Delhi is a better location than Guwahati from opportunity point of view.

7. Brand Name:

After all brand name matters. At-least it gives a sense of satisfaction.



If any 2 or more IIITs are having same Overall Point then the ordering among them has been done based on a particular parameter. The preference order of the parameters as follows:

1. Age in terms of Year

2. Brand

3. Location

4. Infrastructure

5. Placement

6. Faculty

7. Research

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