Tips for self study for cracking IIT

Coaching is a super structure providing –planned regime and expert guidance but ultimately it’s the students who have to work hard to crack the exams.

1. The students must remain motivated– Considering the level of competition, preparation for the exams calls for a tremendous effort mentally and physically. Once decided, the students have to raise the level of performance to be able to crack it.

2. Set up a Routine– The 1st step of smart and successful studying is to build a routine. The students must fix a time, place and duration for studying everyday suiting their needs. In order to achieve success students must take good care of the health.Well organized study material certainly helps in covering all the subjects step by step in right time.

3. Selection of study Material-Coaching is important. But students must stick to their books also. Students, who are used to studying from coaching notes, tend to avoid reading. This is the single biggest reason for their failure. No coaching notes can replace reading of textbooks.  The information you gain from reading is important. You must understand thoroughly the major ideas and concepts presented. Without such a conceptual framework, you will find yourself faced with the impossible task of trying to cram hundreds of isolated facts into your memory.

  • Write down the keynotes
  • Write down the questions that you cannot answer
  • Mark sections for clarification wherever necessary
  • Review the key notes after completion.


4. Prepare a competitive study group– Working with a competitive study group goes a very long way in the successful preparation of IITJEE. Group discussion with teachers and fellow students will recreate a cooperative environment to multiply your knowledge exponentially. Students can Quiz and challenge each other with questions from the IITJEE syllabus

5. Time Management– Time is the most essential element and well defined time table is    very important for the students.

  • This would include:
  • Selecting the best time to study
  • Deciding which subjects to study first
  • Setting up goals
  • Taking regular breaks

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