Top 10 critical solutions Eckovation offers to Teachers

We at Eckovation are devising a platform to address the teacher’s needs where they can apply the following points to enhance their knowledge delivery. Teachers are the most important mentors in any person’s life and they play a vital role in molding their personality. We identify the point that teachers are a busy lot and thus we take care to make their work easier,time saving and efficient. Everyone has that one teacher who influenced them the most and we remember them throughout our life. The practices which we inculcate through them are imbibed in our minds for the rest of our lives. Teaching is thus rightly considered as the most noble profession. Our aim is to assist the teachers by providing them our interface to smartly manage their work. A few important points are listed below enlisting the methods which we plan to bring in to lend a helping hand for our teachers.
The daily progress of students can be mapped and discussed on the group with their parents enabling them to keep a track of their academic progress. With the invent of the CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) in 6-10 grade segment it is even more imperative to keep the daily progress track of the students. Parents and students are often bamboozled by the daily assignments and evaluations in this process which can be handled easily and efficiently through the interface with proper collaborative communication. Thus no need for the teachers to break their heads about regular work which can be easily managed via our application.
Enable students to tap into individualism and build self-esteem by sharing their writing projects which each other on Eckovation. Project writing on various topics inculcates a flair of creative thinking in the students compelling them to tax their creative juices. Project writing assignments can hence be handled easily by exchanging the ideas of students with each other knowing the diverse views. Teachers can easily evaluate these projects in less time by comparing them and can give honest and fair reviews to the students.
Teachers can organize book clubs on the Eckovation platform where student’s views on different novels can be accommodated. Diverse views on the same literary piece can be entertained which works wonder for creative review of the work. Moreover a lot many novels can be made available on the forum enhancing the knowledge of these works among students. Even parents can be invited to share their views and reviews assisting the students to interpret the writings from various corners.
Eckovation can be used to communicate with the students when the teacher is out of the classroom, The students who are absent can be made aware of the day’s proceedings and activities on the group. In such a manner no student would be left with the disadvantage of incomplete information. We have sensed that students miss a lot due to lack of information and communication thus rendering them unable to understand the topics in the further classes.
The students can be made aware about the recent happenings around the world in the group by open discussions on the current topics. A sound knowledge of the current affairs is essential in today’s world as most competitive examinations test these skills. Teachers would find it easier to touch many topics in the stipulated time period. Strong interest can be build among the students on various topics through the discussions on the burning issues around the world. The teachers can also invite parents to share their bits of information in the group which would make the platform a whole lot interactive and bubbling with interesting facts.
Teachers can encourage the students to enhance their language and grammatical skills by uploading study materials, quizzes and small tests. Students can be made to converse on these quizzes and tests so as to build a practice of reviewing and analysis of their mistakes.
Different science probes and projects can be discussed on the platform enabling the students to share their ideas on various scientific thoughts. In this way an inbuilt appreciation for the wonders of science would be created in the students urging them to come up with newer ideas. Science fairs can be conducted on the group where students can be given a time of say a week to devise any project and explain its working on the group. Thus in a limited space and time innumerable ideas and be exchanged.
Integrate the Eckovation mobile application into classroom curriculum to make learning interactive anytime, anywhere.
Teachers can disseminate knowledge about various cultures around the world through open discussions on various traditions on the group. Students from other countries can be invited to participate in the discussions on the group making the platform a whole lot interactive. For example imagine Indian and Pakistani students interacting on the group and sharing their thoughts and ideas about each other. It can lead to ice breaking sessions on the platform and a feeling of mutual respect and harmony which even the governments fail to achieve.
Inspire real time discussions and extend learning beyond the classroom walls by hosting a back channel on Eckovation.
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