Unnayan Banka – An initiative powered by Eckovation for development of Public Schools in the district

Eckovation is fostering an environment in Public Schools of Banka District in Bihar (LWE affected region in south-eastern Bihar) that encourages active student and teachers participation while building conceptual understanding through animated and interactive video lectures.

The multi-platform learning facilities provided by Eckovation has helped to improve the reach and quality of education to the students through integration of technology with a focus on ensuring continuous monitoring and accountability in the system. The approach is towards institutional building and ensuring sustainability through capacity building of teachers and administration.

A student from Banka preparing for Class X Board Exams from Eckovation – Mobile APP 

Unnayan Banka: Impact of implementation | From students of Banka

Improvement in Performance of Students

The daily performance of the students were analysed using AI based Mobile Platform (Eckovation) providing adaptive feedback to students. This helped in the continuous monitoring of the performance of students.

  1. Nazia Bano from Project Girls High School, Katoria, Banka was not able to learn Science as a subject because of unavailability of teachers in the school. She could not afford Science tuitions as she comes from BPL family and her mother supports their livelihood by sewing clothes. She did not have much interest in studies and somewhere accepted the fact that she’ll also be working like her mother for daily wages. The Unnayan Session has helped her gain interest in studies with the help of animated and interactive video lectures and prepare well for the exams, and now her performance has increased meticulously from an average of 26% in the baseline test (conducted before starting the Unnayan Session) to an average of 94% in the analysis tests (conducted after completion of the Unnayan Session).
  2. Rinki Kumari from Project Girls High School, Chandan, Banka comes from Neelkothi Village and on her way to school she crosses Chandan River which overflows during rainy season. Besides such barriers, she regularly comes to school to attend Unnayan Session. The animated and interactive Video Lectures has helped her get interest in the studies and she has gradually improved a lot.
  3. Suman Kumar Paswan from CMS Sr Secondary High School, Shahpur, Banka has to work after school hours to support his family as his father is unemployed. He used to miss school frequently for his daily work and somewhere accepted that going to school will not help him in long run and he needs to give more time to the daily work. Unnayan Session helped him by providing only 1 hr daily sessions . The Audio-visual learning modules improved his retention capabilities and now he’s the most regular students.
  4. Khushboo Kumari from Upgraded High School, Hasiya, Banka, is one of the bright students of her class. Khushboo’s father supports their family by earning wages from the daily work. She understands the value of this hard earned money for her education and daily gives her best to make her father proud. The interactive Video Lectures in the school has helped her understand the concepts better and is doing brilliant in the weekly tests.

1,000+ similar stories from 40 public schools of the district……

Eckovation is opening the doors of education for many first generation learners from families having limited access to electricity and schools, but are connected through mobile internet. The endeavour is not limited to connecting students, Eckovation is venturing into partnering with schools from remote areas,  to provide accessible, inclusive and quality education with the vision, ‘No Child is Left Behind’.



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