Unnayan Banka Project published in Aspirational Districts – Unlocking Potential

The ‘Mera Mobile, Mera Vidyalaya’ project of District Administration of Banka in collaboration with Eckovation got published in the book ‘Aspirational Districts – Unlocking Potential‘ released by Honourable Prime Minister Narender Modi in Vigyaan Bhawan on 21st April, 2018.

Unnayan Banka: Education Revolution in the tribal hinterland region of Bihar

Banka, an LWE affected district located in south-eastern Bihar, is one of the 115 Aspirational Districts in India. The poor socio-economic conditions of the people and geographical remoteness of the region have led to dearth of quality education in the district.

The Unnayan Banka Initiative is launched to improve the reach and quality of education to the students through integration of technology with a focus on ensuring continuous monitoring and accountability in the system. The approach is towards institutional building and ensuring sustainability through capacity building of teachers and administration.

Aspirational District – Unlocking Potential

The malaise in the education system is multifaceted and the solution so devised should be multi-pronged. For quality education to be imparted, the quality of course material and effective delivery to students holds the key. Against this backdrop, Mobile-based Eckovation Platform and ICT is used to create an education ecosystem which enables teachers to be effective, improve the quality of course delivery and brings about efficiency through established monitoring and evaluation framework. The Eckovation Platform and ICT is used for providing contextualised videos based learning modules, continuous and comprehensive evaluation of students performance and adaptive learning facilities to students.

The model incorporates scalable solution for making public education system efficient and transparent, the reach of equal educational opportunities in the remote areas through mobile or web based learning for various competitive exams and advanced technical skills. This helps the youth of the district to avail better employment opportunities.

Furthermore, the Eckovation platform facilitates AI based performance analysis of each and every student. The daily attendance and performance of students are uploaded on the Eckovation Platform to obtain overall performance analysis of students along with generation of report-card of each student. There are separate performance monitoring groups which bring the teachers, administrators and Eckovation support team on a single platform to discuss, evaluate and continually improve the education delivery scheme. This ensures that the students remain the ultimate beneficiary of the system and teachers are accorded due responsibility and accountability for their performance.

Impact of the Unnayan Banka Model

The model has helped regain trust in the public schools of the district. The private tuitions and private schools has created an atmosphere of unaffordable Quality Education to the bottom of the pyramid. The initiative is providing quality education to all students while providing the same platform for discussion and hence bringing equality in terms of accessibility of quality education.

The measurable impact can be seen as below:

1. Improvement in Performance of Students: The daily performance of the students were uploaded on Eckovation platform which was analysed by AI based platform. This helped in the continuous monitoring of the performance of students. Students like Nazia Bano from PGHS Katoria, were not able to learn Science as a subject because of unavailability of teachers in the school. She could not afford Science tuitions as she comes from BPL family and her mother supports their livelihood by sewing clothes. She did not have much interest in studies and somewhere accepted the fact that she’ll also be working like her mother for daily wages. The Unnayan Session has helped her gain interest in studies with the help of animated and interactive video lectures and prepare well for the exams, and now her performance has increased meticulously from an average of 26% in the baseline test (conducted before starting the Unnayan Session) to an average of 94% in the analysis tests (conducted after completion of the Unnayan Session).

2. Impact on the Government School Teachers: The Unnayan Banka Initiative supplements the efforts of teachers and provide them with a platform to share and discuss the barriers in the implementation of the project directly with District Administration and Eckovation team. This has made the education system more inclusive and efficient in the district making teachers enthusiastic and responsible for their duties towards welfare of the students.

Rakhi Singh, a teacher from PGHS Katoria, has said it to me many a times that the Unnayan session has not only helped students in better understanding, but also the teachers in presenting many of the complex concepts to the students. Also, the post video Quiz discussion sessions with students have helped them relaize the strengths and weaknesses of the students.

3. Continuous monitoring and accountability in the education system: This initiative taken towards delivery of quality education and capacity building of students through mobile-based platform includes proper monitoring and evaluation framework to assess the success of initiative. The Eckovation platform facilitates AI based performance analysis of each and every student. The daily attendance and performance of students are uploaded on the Eckovation Platform to obtain overall performance analysis of students along with generation of report-card of each student. The accessibility of this evaluation is available to all the stakeholders bringing 100% transparency in the system.

4. Skill Development and Placement Drive for Students: Students are learning advanced technical skills (Bootcamp) like Website Designing, Programming Skills, Android Development etc along with General English, Reasoning and Aptitude skills.

Deepak Kumar Sah and other students of Banka has developed a website on Banka Tourism providing details of famous Mandar Hills and other panoramic sites in Banka

For the first time in district, more than 17 students received placement offers from Tata Consultancy Service and Suzuki based on their reasoning and aptitude, opening doors to the private sector for these students.




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