Unnayan Namsai: First step towards the larger goal

CBSE Class X Board results are out and Unnayan Namsai has passed with flying colours. Hard work put in by the district administration, teachers and everyone included in this unique initiative have paid off successfully.  Where last year’s passing percentage of the district was 16.89 %, the introduction of Unnayan four-week crash course led to a whopping increase by 107% and this year’s passing percentage stands at 34.89%.  This can be interpreted as the result of strategic implementation, successful execution and constant hard work put in by every member associated with Unnayan.

The four-week crash course program was started with the aim to familiarise the students to the new method and help them with the revision in order to improve the overall performance in CBSE boards. It’s the impact of 30 days of smart classes that the interest and enthusiasm of students took a huge leap and reflected in the results. Behind the scenes, it was hard work of months put in by the Unnayan team and Namsai district administration to make this program a success. Intensive ground research in coordination with teachers and administration to understand the specific needs of the students, and then catering those specific needs is what played a crucial role in this success.

This tremendous increase of 107% has risen a hope and determination that in the upcoming session of 2019-20 with a whole year of opportunities in hand Unnayan will ensure a much more significant rise in passing percentage figure.



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