What brings the education system in Bihar on the back-foot

  1. Inadequate educational infrastructure:

According to the government of Bihar education portal there is a huge mismatch between demand and supply of education in state. This is causing a fall in literacy rate and migration of students to other states.

Bihar school

  1. Inferiority complex among the students:

A majority of students among those who stay in the state for education especially senior secondary education suffer inferiority complex. There is a general belief among the students that they can get quality education at certain places such as Kota and Delhi only. This undermines their performance.

  1. Depression among students:

Students flocking away from home to educational hubs like Kota suffer from separation anxiety disorder and to add to it is the fear of being failure. In many cases, students who were topper in their schools, villages, and state see a fall in their rank amidst a line of toppers from across the country. This causes depression among the students. Students who are not able to cope with it commit suicide.


  1. Education of students active in sports:

Many students from Bihar actively participate in sports activities which takes a toll on their education. Although they can complete their education through open schooling, they are never able to participate in active discussion or attend a classroom lecture, as a result in spite of getting their degree their education somehow feels to be incomplete.



  1. Blind-folded with the charm

Students today are blind-folded with the charm of IITs and medical degrees. They don’t even consider other fields as an option. They are not exploring their abilities to their fullest and are following a trend-setted path. This leaves such fields deprived of well deserving, meritorious students.



So, these are some of the issues the education system in Bihar is facing under the present scenario. If there are issues there must be ways to address them. I personally find an education platform- “Eckovation” to be a solution of all these issues.


Eckovation can address the problem of inadequate educational infrastructure. Currently, it is connecting nearly 30,000 students of Bihar from K-12 groups with students (from across the country) of their respective groups and some very good teachers, just through an app. Availability of quality education through app will provide an option to the students if they don’t want to migrate to another state for better education. Moreover, it helps reduce financial pressure upon parents because it is available to the students free of cost. The best thing about Eckovation is that it ensures active participation of parents in the studies of their children. This will definitely help to release the pressure on students as the parents will be able to see exactly what their children are going through and will be able to help them in their own accord.




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