Whopping Stride with Gyanodaya Godda Initiative

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family

– Kofi Annan 

It goes without saying that these words of Kofi Annan, a former Secretary-General of the United Nations, hold true for every society and for every country. Eckovation is living the dream of such highly regarded persons by providing quality education to the rural parts of the country. Eckovation, with its Gyanodaya Program in collaboration with Godda District Administration and Adani Foundation, has been working in Godda district for the past nine months. The program started with 50 high schools has now expanded its reach to the middle and senior secondary schools covering more than 40,000 students in over 150 schools.

The Godda district in a mere 9 months’ time has brought about a significant change in its school education with the introduction of Gyanodaya Program. The change can be seen by looking at the jump in pass percentage of secondary education class 9th results which is very well above the overall state passing percentage. The district has secured the seventh position in pass percentage among all the districts and first position in Santhal Parganas.

This movement of change started in the month of July 2018 with the launch of Gyanodaya in 50 government high schools of the district where classes were found with less than 30% attendance because schools had a huge shortage of teachers and students preferred to take private tuitions rather attending classes on daily basis. Most of the students were drop-outs who kept on attempting the same class for 2-3 years and still failed to enter the next class. Analyzing the past records of Godda, students were lacking the basic subject and general knowledge which lead to the decreased interest towards studies in the students.

After analyzing the constraints and needs of the district, Eckovation introduced its e-learning modules where the focus has been placed on providing interactive and animated videos that are easy to understand and also helps in student retention and improvement in attendance. With the limited resources available, Gyanodaya’s digital learning provides an effective way to cut costs, maximize resources and heighten both reach and impact for students and educators alike.

The majority of schools struggling with about 20-30% attendance before the introduction of Gyanodaya have been able to improve significantly by about 77% after the advent of Gyanodaya. The growth in the class-wise attendance has been a result of making learning engaging and interactive using conceptualized and animated concept videos being taught under the Gyanodaya model.

Students used to fall under 30-40% marks bracket have shifted into 65-75% marks bracket due to better understanding and retention of basic concepts and a daily quiz after every video. A significant increase in the presence of girl students in the schools is observed. This shows a promising change in the mindset of the community towards girl child education or on a larger context of women empowerment.

The introduction of the Gyanodaya smart class not only captivated the lost interest but also bought a change in the daily routine of the classes and created enthusiasm in the students which is definitely noticed in the end results of class 9th.

The district has secured seventh position in pass percentage amongst all the districts of state and first position in Santhal Parganas.

UHS Nunbatta is the highest scorer in the district with 91% which is very well above the overall state passing percentage. “With the help of smart class in the school and in the surrounding socio – environment, the achievement of better results has become a matter of curiosity and appreciation. As a result, awareness and trends in education have increased a lot in the new students”, said Mr. Pawan Kumar Bhagat, the current headmaster of Upgraded High School Nunbatta. After the best results of class 9th, both teachers and students are expecting even better results for class 10th.



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