Why we were inspired to start Combo Package for Engineering Students?

Aakash came to know about us in June 2016 through an article on us covered by Business Standard. At the time, he had just completed his 3rd year of engineering, and like most of the engineering students, confused about the career option he should choose after completing engineering.

Indian job market is becoming more and more competitive, so merely completing engineering (unless pursued from IITs/NITs) doesn’t guarantee a job. The result is that most of engineering students either go for higher studies to enhance their chances of securing a good job (M.Tech./MBA) or go for SSC/UPSC/BankPO.

Mired by this confusion, Aakash initially became a part of Bank PO Learning Group on Eckovation. But his real passion still lied in Engineering. Coincidentally, around the same time, we had launched engineering certification courses related to career in programming.

Based on our recommendation and still inspired to pursue a career in programming, Aakash decided to learn Android Development with us. He liked the course so much that just 1 week into the program, he also decided to join Python Programming.

After completing both the courses, this is what he had to say – “Only after reaching my 4th year of engineering have I realised the true joy of learning. My confidence to take on new challenges has grown immensely. I learned more in last 3 months of 2016 than I had in previous 3 years of my college. Can’t be more grateful to Eckovation for changing my life and give my career a direction which I wanted to take.”

Right now, Aakash is working with a startup in Gurgaon as a Software Developer and loving his work. With a zeal of continuously upskilling himself, he’s still learning Internet of Things with Eckovation with a vision towards the future.

His approach made us realise that in a market where most of the engineering students graduate without having even one skill, a graduate having 5+ skills won’t even have to run looking for a job, and instead companies will be glad to hire him/her. Because even though market is very competitive right now, freshers will diverse skills are still rare to find.

In our combo package, we are teaching 15 skills. If a student can even learn 7-8 skills out of 15 skills covered under the program, he/she is sure shot to crack any job interview.



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