Women Empowering the Nation | Story of women who live their dreams

Women Educating the Nation, Women Empowering the Nation

There are so many circumstances that thwart a woman’s dream like war and poverty. Education and empowerment are gifts that provide opportunity to dream and pursue a life without war and terror.

Here’s an inspirational story of one such women who is no more just a home-maker, but an Educator at Eckovation. She had a dream of  having her own identity and become a teacher just like her father.

Inspirational Story | Women Educating the Nation

My father was a professor. He had a PhD in Chemistry from IIT Kanpur. In spite of having multiple career opportunities in Kanpur, he chose to return to his hometown, Chhapra in Bihar. He had this firm desire to help those who needed it the most and his decision to return is the most heroic and selfless act I have witnessed till today – a decision that impacted me very deeply.

“I always thought that I would do something similar. I wanted to trace my father’s footprints and help in the development of the society”

Do you want to become an Educator?

Now, teachers can teach thousands of students sitting at home with the help of Eckovation App. Eckovation has created a digital solution for easy connectivity with the students having crucial learning elements of Discussion, Quiz, Video Lectures, FEED.

The below link will help you create your own Learning Group on Eckovation App and start teaching students.
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I believe there is no other profession in the world that is more important to society than that of a teacher
~ APJ Abdul Kalam



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